The future of Food Shopping has arrived!

With the arrival of Happyshopper your customers can now put together a shopping list, add items to their cart, check out, choose a pickup time and retrieve their purchases all from the convenience of their smart phone or tablet. Happyshopper will bring that next level of customer convenience and build customer loyalty to your store.

Several recently completed studies looking at the future of the grocery business have focused in on the impact of the growth of e-commerce within your segment. E-commerce in the grocery industry is currently restricted to just a few chains due to high development cost of necessary applications for consumer use. These costs will typically exceed $150,000 just for application development alone. Happyshopper has already completed application development based on our over 10 year’s experience developing and delivering software for the grocery industry.

Here are some important points for your consideration:

Shoppers are willing to pay for the convenience of in-vehicle pickup 1.
The survey found that 76% were willing to pay a convenience fee of up to $20. Nearly 60% were willing to pay between 1 and 10 dollars for the convenience of an in-vehicle pickup.

Shoppers are willing to pay for the convenience of in-store pickup 1.
The survey found that 81% of respondents were willing to pay a convenience fee of up to $20 for in-store pickup. Over 75% would be willing to pay a convenience fee between 1 and 10 dollars for an in-store pickup.

The survey found that convenience is the most important factor in the grocery e-commerce opportunity 1.
The convenience of shopping on demand using an app was the number one cited factor, followed closely by a reduction in the time that it takes to shop on a weekly basis.

Supercenter competition is a top retailing concern 2.
One of the best competitive blunting strategies is to institute a multi-tiered approach focusing on increased marketing, customer service and a rewards or loyalty program. The Happyshopper grocery e-commerce solution incorporates all three of these strategies.

Rewards programs positively impact number of transactions per week and average transaction size 2.
The 2014 Independent Grocers Financial Survey found an 18% difference in number of weekly transactions between grocers with a rewards program versus those without. They also noted that the average transaction size is 19% higher for grocers with a rewards program.

Advertising spending on print (coupons) typically consumes the lion share of the advertising budget 2.
Use of an e-commerce vehicle such as Happyshopper allows the retailer to push coupons directly to the consumer based on their shopping habits. This method of delivering extra value increases customer satisfaction without increasing advertising cost.

Online grocery sales are projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 21.1% in the period between 2013 in 2018 3.
The overall growth in off-line sales is expected to be somewhere in the range of 3.1% annually in the same period. E-commerce in the grocery sector is expected to reach $18 billion by 2018 1.

Consumer willingness to embrace e-commerce in the grocery sector crosses all significant age segments 2.
Across all of the age groups studied, online shopping penetration and indicated willingness to shop online show that even in the oldest consumer groups, between 45 and 70 years of age, adoption of e-commerce lines up well with other factors such as wanting to reduce the amount of time spent shopping and having the convenience afforded by an e-commerce experience.

Summary: now is the time to take a hard look at how Happyshopper can make you stand out. Our rewards program, digital coupons, saved shopping lists, social media integrations and on-demand marketing will drive loyalty, higher transaction sizes to give you an advantage over even the supercenters of today.

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